I have a fair number of hobbies, largely surrounding areas of study. Although, they are diverse. this page mostly goes over a bit about each hobby. Long term I'll include pictures for all of them.

Japanese Study

I've been studying Japanese since about 2014 or so, and I spend considerable amounts of time in it. In December, 2018, I plan to take the N4 again. While my reading comprehension is quite good, my listening and speaking need work. This is a big reason why I'm taking the proficiency tests a bit slower.

Calligraphy (Japanese and Western)

書道 (shodo) is the term used for Japanese Calligraphy. I've been studying this since around 2015 or so. Western Calligraphy I also do, but not nearly as long. I started that around 2017 or so. My main driving factor for that was getting into fountain pens.

Video Games

I used to be far more into video games than I am now. I do enjoy playing them. My list of current and recently completed games are:


  • Bloodborne (PS4) - Recently beat, playing New Game Plus
  • Project Diva (PS4) - Huge fan of the series, I have been playing for years
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (Switch) - Recently beat, playing New Game Plus
  • Fallout 4 - Still really early in that game.

Recently Completed

  • Final Fantasy XV - Fantasic game, a little short though.