This page, over time, should have a good set of material that I’ve read. I have this page split up into two major sections:

  1. Books - Classified as either hard bound, or soft bound traditional distributed paperback volumes. For EBooks, a corresponding physical copy exists in some form. Commonly found on, or
  2. Research Papers - Classified as text that’s presented on a topic in an academic setting. Blog posts are not Research Papers, commonly found on,, etc.

For each section above, I have subsections of:

  1. Upcoming - Books that have my interest, but I haven’t started yet.
  2. Current - Books I’m currently reading.
  3. Read - Books/Papers that I have read, and potential links to a review are provided.

I started this initiative in 2022, and while I have a good deal of logged books elsewhere, I made a concious decision not to incorporate them here.


In the books section, I cover many, but not all, books that I read. Generally speaking, any non-fiction books will appear here. Anything fiction based likely won’t (for now). Mostly to keep the number of books reasonable here.


Book Genre
The Illiad Literature
Dark Psychology and Manipulation Psychology
Shobogenzo Religion/Zen
The Complete Essays of Montaigne Philosophy
Open Source Intelligence Techniques Computer
Probabilistic Machine Learning - An Introduction Mathematics/Computer


Book Genre Started
Learning Go Computer Sept 2021
Designing Cloud Data Platforms Computer Sept 2022
Atomic Habits Self-Help/Business Jul 2022
Comfortable with Uncertainty Philosophy Sept 2022
Realizing Genjokoan Philosophy Sept 2022


Book Genre Finished Review Link
How to Win Friends And Influence People Self-Help/Business Jul 2022 Review
The Secrets of Consulting Business Jul 2022 Review
Rich Dad’s Before you Quit Your Job Self-Help/Business Jun 2022  
Norse Mythology Literature Jun 2022  
Stoics and Epicureans Philosophy Apr 2022  
You’ll See This Message When it is too late Security Feb 2022 Review
Alita - Battle Angel Fiction Feb 2022  
In Sheep’s Clothing Psychology Feb 2022  
The Practicing Stoic Philosophy Jan 2022 Review
The Art of Less Doing Self-Help Jan 2022  

Research Papers