This page, over time, should have a good set of material that I’m either currently reading, have read, and what I wish to read. Section 1 is what’s on my list, Section 2 is my current reading, and Section 3 is what I’ve read. A bit of a New Years goal starting in 2022, I won’t backdate it to include previously read materials unless I reread it (which, yes, I do on occassion). Not all material will be reviewed, but here at least you can see what I’m reading and what interests me. I’ll include both fiction, and non-fiction. This includes audio, physical, and e-book materials.


Book Genre  
The Illiad Literature  
Dark Psychology and Manipulation Psychology  
Shobogenzo Religion/Zen  
The Complete Essays of Montaigne Philosophy  
Concurrency in Go Computer  
Open Source Intelligence Techniques Computer Jan 2022


Book Genre Date Started
A Handbook for New Stoics Philosophy Jan 2022
Learning Go Computer Sept 2021
Dama DM-BOK Computer Jan 2022
Stoics and Epicureans Philosophy Mar 2022
Norse Mythology Literature Mar 2022


Book Genre Date Finished Review, if Applicable
You’ll See This Message When it is too late Security Feb 2022 Review
Alita - Battle Angel Fiction Feb 2022  
In Sheep’s Clothing Psychology Feb 2022  
The Practicing Stoic Philosophy Jan 2022 Review
The Art of Less Doing Self-Help Jan 2022