This page, over time, should have a good set of material that I’ve read. I have this page split up into two major sections:

  1. Books - Classified as either hard bound, or soft bound traditional distributed paperback volumes. For EBooks, a corresponding physical copy exists in some form. Commonly found on, or
  2. Research Papers - Classified as text that’s presented on a topic in an academic setting. Blog posts are not Research Papers, commonly found on,, etc.

For each section above, I have subsections of:

  1. Upcoming - Books that have my interest, but I haven’t started yet.
  2. Current - Books I’m currently reading.
  3. Read - Books/Papers that I have read, and potential links to a review are provided.

I started this initiative in 2022, and while I have a good deal of logged books elsewhere, I made a concious decision not to incorporate them here.



Book Genre
The Illiad Literature
Dark Psychology and Manipulation Psychology
Shobogenzo Religion/Zen
The Complete Essays of Montaigne Philosophy
Open Source Intelligence Techniques Computer


Book Genre Started
A Handbook for New Stoics Philosophy Jan 2022
Learning Go Computer Sept 2021
The Secrets of Consulting Business Jun 2022
Probabilistic Machine Learning - An Introduction Mathematics/Computer Jun 2022


Book Genre Finished Review Link
Rich Dad’s Before you Quit Your Job Self-Help/Business Jun 2022  
Norse Mythology Literature Jun 2022  
Stoics and Epicureans Philosophy Apr 2022  
You’ll See This Message When it is too late Security Feb 2022 Review
Alita - Battle Angel Fiction Feb 2022  
In Sheep’s Clothing Psychology Feb 2022  
The Practicing Stoic Philosophy Jan 2022 Review
The Art of Less Doing Self-Help Jan 2022  

Research Papers