Tl;Dr of my experience

I’ve been developing software, professionally, since around 2005. A lot of my focus has been with web development, but I have side interests in many aspects of programming. I have both my BS in Computer Science, and my MS (Masters of Science) in Computer Science from the University of Iowa. My academic focus has been in data minin, and my research experience is in Bioinformatics. I have been programming since I was in 6th grade, and I have around 15-20 languages I have experience with.

Programming Languages Used (More or less active langauges)

Language Actively Used When Started Learning
C# Yes, professionally July 2013
Javascript/JQuery Yes, professionally July 2013
Common Lisp Yes Jan 2010
F# Yes May 2015

Other Technologies Used (More or less active use, administration)

Technology Description of Use
MS SQL Server The primary DBA in College of Pharmacy. I manage the server we use for application development, and help manage the University of Iowa Pharmaceuticals
Linux Various distributions of linux, including Ubuntu, CentOS, and Arch.
Docker Commonly working with Docker in my development/deployment, mostly personal
Virtualization Mostly with VMWare, but experience setting up virtual machines

Work Experience (Professional Experience)

Start Date Stop Date Group/Company Description
2005 2006 Townnews (Lee Enterprises) Did PHP/Javascript web development for their Newsys platform. The Newsys platform was maintained/developed by 2 people, and served over 400 newspaper websites as their primary CMS.
2006 2010 University of Iowa - Research Information Systems PHP/Javascript development, primarily, on their UIRIS 2 platform. Also did work with MSSQL as a DBA. Some experience with Ruby/Rails and Python/Django as well
2010 2013 University of Iowa - Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Did computational genomics research work. Essentially helped develop software to help analze and process information related to the sequencing we did on people’s DNA
2013 cur University of Iowa - College of Pharmacy Currently doing .NET development, and act as the primary DBA and lead developer for the department. Also perform some support for the Linux systems in some labs, and provide consulting for reporting, security, and system administration.

Education and Training

Date Education and Focus (If any) Institution
2005 Bachelor of Science - Computer Science University of Iowa
2012 Masters of Computer Science, focus in data mining University of Iowa