About David Thole

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I’m currently an Software Architect at the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, with some side work in free time for various organizations including the University of Iowa. I’m an avid technologist and overall geek. I really enjoy programming, creating products, and learning new skills.

Most of my free time is like my work time, doing programming and the like. But, when I’m not doing tech stuff I enjoy hobbies such as drawing, calligraphy (Western and Japanese), studying languages, reading, watching Anime, and playing video games.

How I got this name (TheDarkTrumpet)

I receive this question periodically, so I figured it’s worth covering here. I’ve gone by this nickname, online, for a good 20 or so years now. It started while playing a video game called “Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2” online with friends. I was struggling to come up with a online handle during the time, and had a few. After awhile, I picked “TrumpetLight” and “TrumpetDark” to have different profiles (light side user, dark side user). Obviously, during this time, playing the Trumpet was big for me. Anyways, I then thought “TheLightTrumpet” and “TheDarkTrumpet”, and “TheDarkTrumpet” sounded better, so I went with that!

Just to note though, some people have used this nickname in the past on various forums. So unless I mention it here, I wouldn’t assume that alias is me. Largely because I disconnected from social media and the like some time ago.

Available for hire?

Opportunity Type Yes or No
Full Time No
Part Time Yes
C2C No (But soon)
Contract No (But soon)

Please contact me either through linkedin, or at “david -at- thedarktrumpet.com”, replacing ‘-at-‘ with ‘@’ and no quotes.

You can view my skills and qualifications here. The best options for my skill set are in either programming, data analysis, or architecture (general, or Data). Please review my skills and qualifications carefully before emailing me.

How to get ahold of me?

Social media is pretty popular, but not something I tend to use a lot of. So, you won’t find me on twitter, nor Facebook. That said, I do have some social media ways of contacting me

Telegram is the preferred method of contact out of the above.


You can find my current GPG public ID by clicking here. It’s setup as a markdown file because I have little choice with Github pages. Please verify the key through appropriate measures.