Tl;Dr of my experience

I’ve been developing software, professionally, since around 2005. A lot of my focus has been with web development, but I have side interests in many aspects of programming. I have both my BS in Computer Science, and my MS (Masters of Science) in Computer Science from the University of Iowa. My academic focus has been in data mining, and my research experience is in Bioinformatics. I have been programming since I was in 6th grade, and I have around 15-20 languages I have experience with.

This document is split up into a few chunks:

  1. Modern/Recent Experience - this includes my stronger technologies, even if not my day-to-day.
  2. Work Experience and Education
  3. User Groups, Speaking, and Professional Membership and Awards
  4. Past Experience - this basically lists out technologies I’ve used for a decent time in the past

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assignment Modern/Recent Experience

Programming Languages Used (More or less active langauges)

Language Actively Used When Started Learning
C# Yes, professionally July 2013
Common Lisp Yes Jan 2010
Golang Yes May 2021
Javascript/JQuery Yes, professionally July 2013
Python yes, professionally Around 2008
R Yes ~ 2013

Other Technologies Used (More or less active use, administration)

Technology Description of Use
MS SQL Server Primary work at Kingfisher Technologies. Also did DBA work in Pharmacy, and RIS. Also my primary relational technology locally.
Linux Various distributions of linux, including Ubuntu, CentOS, Arch, and QubesOS.
Docker/K8s Commonly working with Docker in my development/deployment, mostly personal, although applied containerization of Guidewire poducts.
Virtualization Mostly with VMWare, but experience setting up virtual machines. Experience also with QEMU.
PowerShell A newer technology I’m using, largely for automation and work I’m doing within Windows, limited experience.
Azure We use Azure quite a bit in Pharmacy. Our applications and databases are up there now.

home_work Work Experience and Education

Work Experience (Professional Experience)

Start Date Stop Date Group/Company Description
2022 CUR University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine Senior Software Architect. Focusing on software solutions, the applicability/relationship in the Business, and governance.
2022 2022 Duck Creek Technologies Software Architect, Data Architecture. Part of the core architecture team looking at architecture across the organization.
2021 2022 United Fire Group Enterprise Data Architect, I help define how data moves within a company and how to increase collaboration between groups. Also the primary contact for their GuideWire products.
2021 2023 University of Iowa, College of Business Adjunct Instructor teaching Python.
2019 2020 Kingfisher Technologies Currently doing C# and SQL Server Administration as a Solutions Architect. Most focus on DBA-like work with SQL Server.
2013 2021 University of Iowa - College of Pharmacy Currently doing .NET development, and act as the primary DBA and lead developer for the department. Also perform some support for the Linux systems in some labs, and provide consulting for reporting, security, and system administration.
2019 2020 University of Iowa - Biochemistry Worked in 3 labs providing programmatic and systems assistance on their products/processes.
2010 2013 University of Iowa - Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Did computational genomics research work. Essentially helped develop software to help analyze and process information related to the sequencing we did on people’s DNA.
2006 2010 University of Iowa - Research Information Systems PHP/Javascript development, primarily, on their UIRIS 2 platform. Also did work with MSSQL as a DBA. Some experience with Ruby/Rails and Python/Django as well.
2005 2006 Townnews (Lee Enterprises) Did PHP/Javascript web development for their Newsys platform. The Newsys platform was maintained/developed by 2 people, and served over 400 newspaper websites as their primary CMS.

Education and Training

Date Education and Focus (If any) Institution
2005 Bachelor of Science - Computer Science University of Iowa
2012 Masters of Computer Science, focus in data mining University of Iowa

record_voice_over User Groups, Speaking, and Professional Membership and Awards

User Groups

Group Description
R User Group I started this group at the University of Iowa in 2017. The focus of this group is for Administrators, Students, and Faculty support and education using R to process data sets
I380 A SQL Server Users Group in the area. Been a member of that group since 2014. Yearly we have SQL Saturday in Iowa City, which I’ve attended and presented at many of them
CRIneta Cedar Rapids .NET Users Group. I’ve been a part of this group since 2015, although I only make a few sessions a year
TechCorridor A collection of user groups in the area. A co-organizer on this group
UI App Dev Community The developer community at the University of Iowa


This list, in detail, is hard to give exact dates on. I’ve presented multiple times on a variety of subjects. In future speakings, I’ll start a table, but for the past I have:

  • Iowa Code Camp (5-Times): Python, Common Lisp, Git, R, and Azure
  • I380 and SQL Saturdays: R-Services in SQL Server, Shiny, Entity Framework
  • QCPass: R-Services in SQL Server, Shiny
  • R Users Group: R-Services in SQL Server
  • UI App Dev Community: Python, C#/MVC

Professional Membership and Awards

Membership/Award Description
Dean’s List Awarded multiple years for high GPA in college
John Phillips Sousa Award An award I was given by the USMC when I was in 10th grade. Received because I played Taps, at military funerals, for fallen marines.

Past Experience

Technology Description
C++/Visual C++ Spent considerable amounts of time with these languages from mid High School into College
Delphi One of my favorite languages I’ve used, elegant and simple
F# An absolutely fantastic language, with great features, developed a fair amount in this language
Visual Basic Studied 4 semesters in community college, used it for some simple projects outside that.
PHP Probably one of my better known languages, and used it for a good 6-7 years. My first and second jobs where using PHP
Perl This was used a lot in my 3rd job. I know enough to get by, develop scripts to process data sets, but I don’t use it much
Bash I also used this a lot in my 3rd job. Quite proficient in writing scripts
PostgreSQL My 2nd favorite database of use, although I don’t use it as much as MSSQL
MySQL While I know how to use and setup this database, I haven’t used it for years
Ruby I used this a fair amount in my 2nd job, but only for a shorter time period. Primarily used with Rails. A wonderful language, although I much prefer C# and Common Lisp
ELisp Used when customizing Emacs and writing scripts that are used with Emacs. Many years of experience of this, but I don’t use it much lately
Oracle Our data warehouse at the university is in Oracle. I commonly have to query from that source.