Site Redesign

I’m back!

After a fairly long period of time of not blogging, nor having a decent website up and running, I decided to revisit it over the past few weeks and make it a priority going forward.

What’s happened?

I spend a good deal of my time reading and studying. I generally really enjoy it. Lately, I’ve been reconsidering heavily the notion of teaching. Specifically through webinars, doing in-person presentations at user groups and conferences, and eventually some classroom-like training. Part of this is a direction interest in my life. While I will always love programming, I like the idea of sharing what I know as well.

Purpose/Mission Going Forward

This website will be primarily over tech stuff, but I’ll also blog here and there about my side interests. While these may not be of as much interest to the general reader, I believe it shows more of a well-rounded individual when there’s more than just their work. Furthermore, since I’m not a big fan of social media in general, this is my “outlet” of sorts. But, I’ll only be doing posts related to technology, or my immediate interests. No politics will be discussed, for example.

I also have a goal of one article per week. Unfortunately, time is a bit of a premium right now, and I also want to ensure that what I post is well thought out, referenced, with screenshots and the like. Quality over quantity as they say.

Comments, ideas, suggestions?

If you have any thoughts or ideas, I’d like to hear from you. I have a few ways of contacting me on my About page. There’s a web form at the bottom that’ll eventually send me an email. I’m especially interested if there’s specific topics you’d like to see covered in a post.

David Thole

David Thole
Senior Software Architect, Developer, Instructor. Reads/studies a lot and enjoys all things technology

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